Credibility, why you need it in your career. Part 2

If you’re reading this post, it means you either read the first part and were eager to read the second one, if this is the case, cool! If you didn’t, than I suggest to either read the first part… or not, you decide, I’m not your daddy father (but do it anyways).
Anyways, this post is about how to achieve credibility and there are two ways for that:
the good, authentic way and the easy sleasy way. And I’ll start with first one.

The good way

The good way is of course the one that takes the longest time, as that’s the case for everything in life, but it’s also the one you will be the most proud of once you get there.
It’s not easy, it’s true, but it’s doable.
Here are the different good ways:

1. Go beyond (for your colleagues)

Seems a bit obvious, but really isn’t for some of us.
Don’t just do what you’re expected to do, show your real potential by going beyond your job description. (but of course, within the limits of your free time and if your salary is somewhat decent, else you’re going to be exploited, more on that later).
Solve problems on your own, don’t always ask your N+1 (your manager or teamleader) to fix your issue, try for yourself first and only if you don’t succeed, go to your superior.

2. Be helpful towards your peers and below

Do you see a colleague over there struggling with heavy things? Just help him/her, without asking a favor in return. Nothing beats kindness.
Or you might help another colleague in a domain you are good in. Like for example I’m good with computers and whenever I see someone having a mental breakdown because of their computer, I try to solve it. Sometimes I can, other times I can’t, but the most important thing is that I proposed my help, and that’s already enough for the other person to know that I’m there if needed.

3. Market yourself (in a good way)

Ever heard of Working out Loud? It’s an expression defined by Bryce Willans in this blogpost :

Working Out Loud   =   Observable Work   +   Narrating Your Work

Which essentially means that you should not be quiet about your accomplishments. I’ve seen a lot of great colleagues getting zero recognition, because they were afraid of speaking up, or were too shy or too humble to talk about their work. Or even worse, their direct colleague or manager walked with the fame (more about that in part 3, yes there’s a part 3).

4. Walk the talk

In my opinion, one of the most important ones and is close related to point 3.
Credibility is about trust, if you lose one, you lose the other.
Walk the talk means that if you’re going to boast about what you can, you have to prove it by actions. Therefore, please be careful with your promises on the workfloor.

5. Say no

This one is not only very important, but also very difficult for some (including me).
You cannot gain credibility if you’re going to say yes to everyone. Not only you’re going to be submerged by work, you’re also going to be seen as “the one who will do anything we ask them to do” and thus getting blamed if the job’s not done.
And as my coach Murielle would say: “It’s not because you can do it, that you should do it”. Which is such a simple but oh so true phrase.

There you go, these are the top 5 good ways to gain credibility. In part 3 I will tell you more about the lesser good ways to get there, based on what I saw in the workspace.


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