Working in a goldmine

Well I don’t exactly work in a goldmine, but every time I hear the sentence “Working in…”, I just have to finish it with “a goldmine, working nah nah nah”
No? Not funny? Not even a bit? Okay… 🙁

What I wanted to say is that I’m thinking about starting a project of mine and therefor I need to use some software. Not telling you in detail what it is but it includes Remote Support & Management.
I’ve been looking for several weeks for the perfect tools and I think I’ve found them.
The first which I stumbled upon was Spiceworks, a great gem for remote asset management and ticketing service.
The bonus is: it’s free! Holy Bolognese!
I’m still trying it out, but I’m already a fan, because of its community and the social integration of the software. These guys deserve a kiss for such a great tool (but not from me, that would digusting)

The other software is from Logmein, the name says it all, you can log in on several computers from your own couch.
PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone… No matter where you are and what you use, you can use it… Fantastic!
But Logmein is not only about taking control of someone’s computer.
No, it’s also Remote Management, Remote Backup, LAN-over-VPN-without-the-hassle-of-configuring-your-router, and even more.
Their products are amazing and also the people from Logmein get a big thumbs up from me. After an initial chat, directly via the website, I received a phone call the day after from a lovely woman who is now my dedicated Account Manager… How about that!

Well, now I have to get it all sort out and start with getting some customers to have all the software working.
I’ll get back to you once I have more info.


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