Why it’s so hard to switch from the iPhone

I never was a huge fan of Apple for many reasons but once I had to buy a smartphone I let myself be tempted by the iPhone 4 (talking about the time it got launched).
There wasn’t another smartphone that was as good as the iPhone 4 back then. Android? Nah, too buggy. Windows Phone? No comment…

Truth is… I immediately loved it: smooth, slick, fast, *insert whatever you want*, it was just great.
I still use it very intensively everywhere I can and if it wasn’t for the battery life and the fact it’s getting slower and slower, I wouldn’t bother to change.

I could upgrade to the next best thing, the iPhone 5, but where I live it costs more than 600€, which is still a huge amount of money, if you ask me.
Which leads me to go to the competition…

There are 2 options: Android or Windows Phone.


Although I like love the Command Line Interface, I still don’t like the look and feel of the GUI on Linux-based devices. It just doesn’t feel right. I don’t know if other people feel the same way, but that’s me.
I also heard because of the numerous types of different screens and hardware, the devs have much more problems creating bugfree apps.

Windows Phone

As much as I love the CLI, I’m the biggest fan of Windows GUI. I feel good and comfortable when I’m using Windows and that’s important to me as end-user (and helper of family and friends when they have PC-issues).
Windows Phone was the ugly brother of Windows. Who remembers the HP PDA’s from 10 years ago?
That’s what I mean! And it took Microsoft years to get to a decent mobile brother for Windows.
Windows 8 Phone is really nice to look at and to work with. Combine this with the latest Nokia Lumia 925 and you got yourself a sublime and pimped out phone.

BUT… You have to use IE to browse the internet and that’s a big no-no for me. Not because it’s IE, but because I can’t use Google Chrome.

What now then?

I haven’t mentioned 2 reasons why I don’t want to can’t switch from the iPhone:

  1. First one is that we have several home entertainment devices with built-in connector for the iPhone. I know there are now some for Android, but compared to the amount of available for iPhone, it’s peanuts.
  2. Being a big music fan, I was a big fan of the up-rise of MP3, but I became rather quickly annoyed by the soundquality of some. Also my OCD detested the bad/wrong titles or artists, which made me search and type all the correct information in every MP3-file I had.
    And thanks to iTunes, all that was gone. Same quality, correct info and album covers for all the songs. I gladly pay for these 3 advantages, too bad the artist himself doesn’t get lots for every sale…
    Back on topic, iTunes is the second reason. It works on the iPhone and I love it.
Basically, I’m stuck… I can’t switch to Android or Windows Phone, not because I’m an Apple fanboy, but only because the other don’t fit in my every day life.
What are your thoughts?
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