Choosing a laptop is not easy

The introduction


So I’ve been searching for some days now for the laptop that suits me best.

What I thought would be quite easy turns out to be quite difficult.

I didn’t have a real budget in mind, but I think  2000€ s-is a fair price for I want.
And what I wanted is a laptop that has the same effect on customers as a Ferrari has on girls.
The laptop shouldn’t be too heavy either… I don’t want to look like Colin Firth carrying Renée Zellweger in the latest Bridget Jones movie.


Colin Firth clearly doesn’t carry a gaming laptop.


This narrows my search for my ultimate laptop as most of them are either ugly, heavy or both of them.
Performance-wise I knew exactly what I wanted, the fastest processor, a lot of RAM and superfast SSD that even Flash would look like a dork next to.
This means an I7 latest generation, 16GB of RAM and at lease a 512GB SSD.
Still not sure about the screen, 13″ or 15″…
Finally, needed a good after sales service, from the vendor as from the reseller.

Oh yeah, it has to be a 2-in-1, bitches like 2-in-1’s.


The Contestants


First, as usual, I comb my usual webshops and to have a quick view on what’s available. I have a slight preference for the second as the search functionality is better imo.
From the start I knew I wanted an A-brand but I’m still not sure which one suits me the most.


The Magnificent


First of all, some of you know I’m a big fan of Microsoft products and that love for its products even rose when MS started with its Surface line. It started with the Surface Pro, than the Surface Book and now it’s the Surface Laptop, which is, for me, in one word sublime!


Habba habba!


So it’s natural my first choice would be this one.
You can choose between four colours and all share the same slick design and a gorgeous screen.
Definitely a big contestant until  I was flabbergasted by the price… 2499€! What the… NEXT!


The Allrounder


Second on my list was the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1.
I’ve had a lot of Dell laptops in the past, never did one let me down. They were all robust, fast and not ugly. This one continues the saga. It has all the mojo I want. Performance, class and the price isn’t too high.
So why didn’t I choose this one?


How you doin’?


Well, as much as I like this laptop, I have an issue with the fact that everything is online. Maybe for millenials it’s not a big deal but to me, it is. If I have to spend that much money on anything, I would at least want a physical shop where I can drop it off in case of breakdown. Even though I don’t suck at repairing computers, I prefer to have someone to back me up.


The Underdog


The last years I’ve started to see a lot of Lenovo laptops. I’m old enough to remember when they were still IBM Thinkpads. They were like the ugly fat kid in school, you didn’t want to be seen with him, but deep down, you knew he was a good boy. But these were the old times, now they are actually the cool kids you want to hang out with. And one of the cool kids is the Yoga 900 and boy does he look cool!


I wish I were this flexible


This one got my heart pumping. It looks superb, clean look, almost no bezel (me likey), great reviews everywhere and the price is below the rest.
I’m using a Lenovo 460 at the moment where I work and even though it’s not as cool as this one, I have to say it’s one of my favorite laptops so far. The only minor thing is the mouse pad I’m not really a big fan of.

My choice was set on this one until I saw a less recent review for another laptop, one I forgot about…


The Dreamtop


How did I forget this one? It was advertised everywhere some time ago and yet it was until I saw that review I knew it would be that one.

I’m talking about the HP Spectre X360 AKA The Dreamtop.

Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know…


No other laptop made me drool this much, not even the Microsoft Laptop. The curves, the colours, the… I’ll stop here.

But let’s do a checklist of all requirements:

  1. A-brand? Check
  2. I7-processor? Check
  3. 16GB of RAM? Check
  4. 512TB SSD? Check
  5. Price below 2000€? Check

So, do we have a winner? Yes, but there’s one little detail left.


The Final Question


It’s until I stepped into a real computer shop near me that I had my last question answered: do I want a 13″ or a 15″ screen?

Bare in mind, I didn’t see any of the above laptops in real life, all my findings were based on online reviews, videos on popular websites and pictures on the vendor’s webpages.
Inside the shop I finally saw and touched the Surface Laptop, the Yoga 900 and the HP Spectre X360.
The 3 laptops are incredibly gorgeous, but my dilemma about the screen was answered directly: 13″ is way too tiny for me.

It meant that all the laptops above except the Spectre were off the list right away and that would have saved me a lot of time…

A small little detail as well: The keyboard on the Yoga 900 is not that nice. and it occurred to me that I didn’t even think about the look and feel of the keyboard, while in fact it’s an essential criterium when choosing a laptop.

To summarize, and I think this is the most important thing I learned:

Webshops are very nice, easy and most of the times cheaper, but nothing beats a physical store where you can see for yourself what suits you the most. No review can beat the real-life experience.
Or maybe I’m getting old and I just need to adapt…




PS: Yes I know it’s a Macbook as featured image, I just liked the picture.

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